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Factors Affecting the Quality of Organisms

Most men tend to be overly concerned about their sexual health. Nothing troubles a man that his inability to make his woman reach organism. Most men perform a decent job in bed. However, the orgasm gap in men and women troubles many. Many random factors play a significant role in your odds organisms. Here are scientific-backed factors that have a direct impact on making your woman at reach that elusive big O.

Communication Skills

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How well you communicate in a relationship has an impact on improving your chances of making your partner climaxing. Those little romantic words especially when you are intimate with each other go a long way in making the woman reach orgasm. Texts too have been shown to have a tangible impact on your organism. Women who orgasm often are more than often swap flirty calls and texts. So, go ahead and make your woman feel loved and you will undoubtedly get her there.

Sexual Self-Esteem

Reaching your organism might seem to be your partner’s responsibility, but researchers have established close links between your sense of sexual esteem and your satisfaction in bed. In fact, sexual self-esteem might be more important than other factors that seem too obvious. If you have real intentions of making your partner reach their orgasm, you need to start by improving your sexual-self-esteem.


Mind-blowing orgasms do not just happen. Instead, you need to focus on the lovemaking process. This might require some learning process. You need to learn how to concentrate on the lovemaking process to improve your chances of making reaching an orgasm. Thus, before the fun starts, take a few moments to remove the clutter in your mind and focus on being intimate with year partner.


happy couple relaxingYour age has a direct impact on your sexual life. When it comes to age, things are entirely different in men and women. It has been established that a woman sex life improves as they approach the 40-year mark- unlike men whose sexual abilities start dwindling, as they get old. Other factors that will enhance your orgasms like confidence and communication also get better with age.

Attaining organism and at the same time making your partner satisfied takes real effort. To perfect your art of lovemaking, pay close attention to the factors highlighted above.…